In 1947, the grateful but still ravaged City of Bruyères France built near Hill 555 a simple stone monument in honor of the Americans of Japanese descent who in October 1944 liberated their city from the German invaders. This historically important monument is now showing the effects of its age, exposure to the weather and occasional vandalism. It is this monument that interested parties seek to renew in the memory of all those who sacrificed in this heroic effort.

In addition to the restoration of the existing monument, these same interested parties also seek to augment the current site with an additional memorial element using locally quarried native stone. A licensed architect has prepared a proposed design based on the shoulder patch of the 100/442nd RCT. While the final design and placement remain subject to change, the Mayor and City Council have approved the project and expect its completion by October 2017.

The project will be paid for by the family and friends of those who served in the 100/442 RCT, the 522 FAB and the 232 ENG. and through the contributions of interested individuals and organizations.

An account known as the “Bruyères Hill 555 Project” has been established. Based on the project’s progress, payments will be made to the City for work completed. At the conclusion of the effort any remaining funds will be donated to the City for maintenance of the monuments.

Those interested in contributing to this critically needed rehabilitation and augmentation can click here to make a donation.

Principle Advocate: Mayor Yves Bonjean

100/442nd Historians: Hervé and Sylvie Claudon